About Mimi

Mimi was started at the end of 2018 by Amy Joseph - graphic designer by training and fashion, footwear & homeware buyer by profession.

The vision for Mimi is to create a lifestyle and homeware collection of lovely, cool, and sometimes random pieces for the home, and for wearing. Mimi is not defined by any conventional rules, but rather about things which catch our eye. We stock limited quantities on most things, as we're more about quality and less about quantity. We'll keep sourcing new treasures to add to the store regularly...

We value quality, fine materials and a commitment to constantly improving our sourcing and supply chain. We are striving to only support sustainably sourced raw materials, production and businesses which follow fair labour practices. We love animals and the environment and have zero tolerance towards animal testing or harmful practices in any way.

We have a passion for where we call home, South Africa, and plan to one day grow and scale to employ South Africans in our business. We believe in our country and want to be a part of the economy and it's improvement, and actively look for local suppliers, brands & makers to support - especially small scale.

"Mimi is personal. It's my passion for products and retail buying which led me to want to embark on this journey to create a kind of 'general store' of things. The Mimi style can probably be described as minimalist meets boho-industrial-luxe... or hopeless chameleon.

I've always loved the aesthetics of things. Fortunately my career in buying has enabled me to pursue this in a way, and be exposed to amazing products, suppliers, and retail concepts around the world. For some time I've been longing to express myself more creatively, and put forward my own point of view.

And that's how Mimi was discovered in my mind. I thought about going back to the beginning, to a feeling about searching for the most lovely things, styling them, curating them, rearranging them... and continuously adding to the collection."